21 January 2014

katie + sam

i had the great pleasure of taking photos of the roose wedding in conway at st. joseph's catholic church. it was a great, family-oriented wedding full of some of the most fun people to photograph. here's a montage of some of my favorite moments (i obviously have commitment problems. it's fine.).

sam with his father, grandfather, and godfather. 

standing in front of the chapel her parents got married in. unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos in the chapel because their was hourly prayer services. still, how cool?

3 generations of Roose gents.

each set of parents came to give their blessing. 

daddy/daughter dance. slay me.

katie wore sam's grandmother's fur, which has her name embroidered in it. this detail was just so great.

this guy was probably my favorite: such a great spirit he had.

katie and sam. you are such lovely people and i wish nothing but the very best for you both.
mrs. ring